Freitag, 18. März 2011

try to show them.....

I try to show you details of the slaughterhouse bat
as I explored them at night

Sonntag, 13. März 2011

auf der suche nach neuen fledermausarten - in search of new bats

some sleepless but really exciting nights lie behind me!

after drawing these bats in the zoological institute, I couldn't get rid of thinking about new species of bats and how to find them....

there are these so called natural bats living here since ancient times, having there home in the castle top of marburg. but I'm sure that there are some new species, some kinds of for example industrial bats.


but where to find them? especially because there is not so much localisation of industry in marburg.

so I decided to start my investigation at marburgs slaughterhouse.

and as you can see I'm well equipped!

so I went out the last nights to the slaughterhouse
waiting, watching, hoping so see them

an may I tell you
I  really had big luck and
I think I've found a new species!

I suppose I will call it

industrial bat luebbiiiiii

and of course I will share this special occurrence
with my friends

 I marked the bat for you

and this maybe a leg or an arm.....

as soon as possible I will inform you about further scientific findings